interface to go Interface to go is a webbrowser, a tool to visual large databanks, a musical instrument, a babysitter, a haiku-genertor.

you enter a room:
Walking into a focus of light - suddenly typography is appearing on the floor, dancing around you, as you move.
You recognize the cone of light is attached to you; following you, where you go.
Gestures are recognized, motion if transformed into sound ...
A word or phrase formed by recording the letters of another word or phrase, such as "satin" to "stain" ...
Walking is an original form of narrative; of telling a story by retracing steps and, thus, forming metaphors for life...
    the walk
to walk out [with] : ausgehen [mit]
to walk : zu Fuß gehen
to walk by : vorübergehen
to walk the rounds : die Runde machen